I am not an aesthetician. I am a tattoo artist.  I wanted to expand my relationship with my vocation by learning about areola reconstruction and mastectomy tattooing. I was drawn by the service of it and the desire to use my skills to fill a void. To give something of myself beyond my usual relationship with the art of tattooing. It has been my privilege to practice this kind of tattooing for the last seven years. It provides me with a sense of purpose in my work that I’ve grown to need. My years of experience as an artist in the tattoo field qualify me to recreate something through the tattoo medium that nature put there first.

Darlene DiBona is a Boston based artist. She received her BFA in 1996 from Ithaca College and has been working as a professional tattoo artist since 1999.  She started tattooing in San Francisco, has also worked on the island of Maui, and has been back home in Boston since 2005 tattooing at Fat Ram's Pumpkin Tattoo.  In 2009 Darlene completed her initial cosmetic tattoo education at the John Hashey School for Cosmetic Tattooing in Oldster, FL.  She has since returned to the school for continuing education as she will do periodically throughout her career.   

Odyssey Wellness Tattoo is a private tattoo studio specifically built for the purpose of tattooing women who have suffered through breast cancer and are now ready to complete that final, healing step toward recovery. Areola reconstruction tattoo is commonly thought of as that step but there are women who prefer a decorative tattoo to achieve the goal of reclaiming a piece of themselves. It’s a way of finding within oneself the piece that cancer had taken away. It’s on the path to wholeness.