Where can I park? There is free two hour parking (as well as metered spaces) available on Harvard Street. There is also a municipal lot located behind Brookline Town Hall. 

Is the shop accessible by public transit? Our shop is located about a five minute walk from the Brookline Village T stop on the D Line. The closest bus stop is Harvard Street at School Street on MBTA Bus Route 66. 

How can I pay for my tattoo? We accept credit card and cash payments. If this service is reimbursable through your health insurance plan, an invoice can be provided. 

Deposit of $200 is required and will be applied to the cost of your tattoo at the final appointment.

Hourly rate is $200 unless otherwise specified.

Post care regimen:  Always touch with CLEAN HANDS.  The first 3-4 days keep your tattoo clean, dry and never re-bandage. Do this until skin feels tight. After that, moisturize with a white, fragrance free, water based moisturizer OR a bit of coconut oil. This is for your comfort only, not to heal faster- apply once or twice a day. Tattoo will start to become flaky, DO NOT PICK, or help it flake in any way. Let it shed naturally. Moisturizer can be applied liberally during this stage. Soaking the tattoo should be avoided until the flaking stage is done, and the skin is smooth.

Once it has shed the skin may still be shiny but it's safe to go swimming or take baths at this point. 

During summer months, after care includes keeping your tattoo loosely covered with lightweight/breathable clothing to protect from sun. Protect your new ink (and old) with sunscreen!